WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The cast of 'Glee' (2023)

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WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The cast of 'Glee' (1)

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  • "Glee" premiered on Fox in May 2009 and helped launch the careers of the show's young stars.
  • The show lasted for six seasons before ending in 2015.
  • Since then, the cast members have gone on to get married, write books, and release solo music.

Matthew Morrison starred as Will Schuester, the leader of McKinley's glee club.

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He was a former student at McKinley and a member of the glee club in the '90s. At the start of the show, Will was married to Terri. He later married Emma Pillsbury, the school's guidance counselor, and they welcomed a son during season five.

After "Glee" ended, Morrison returned to Broadway and guest-starred on a few shows.

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Bruce Glikas/WireImage

He starred as J.M. Barrie in a Broadway production of "Finding Neverland" from 2015 to 2016. You might have also seen the 44-year-old Emmy nominee on "Younger," 'The Good Wife," and "Grey's Anatomy."

More recently, he appeared on season nine of "American Horror Story" and played The Grinch in NBC's live-action "Dr. Seuss' the Grinch Musical."

In early 2019, Morrison appeared as a dance captain on a competition series called "The Greatest Dancer."

He's a real-life father, too. In 2017, Morrison and Renee Puente (who he has been married to since 2014), welcomed a son named Revel James Makai.

"We wanted to revel in our child and we were like, Revel, that is just so cool and we will call him Rev for short," he told "E! News" in October 2017.

Morrison also cofounded a company called Sherpapa, which sells apparel geared toward new fathers.

Morrison released an album in 2013 titled "Where It All Began." He dropped an album in March 2020 called "Disney Dreamin' With Matthew Morrison," which he described as "a tribute to my son" with tracks from "Aladdin" "Toy Story" and other Disney classics.

Jane Lynch portrayed Sue Sylvester, the tracksuit-loving coach of the Cheerios, McKinley's cheerleading team.

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She and Will were constantly at odds with each other and Sue often devised schemes to interfere with the glee club. In the end, she left the high school behind and became the Vice President of the US.

Lynch has kept busy by guest-starring on shows, hosting, and performing.

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Chris Pizzello/AP

Lynch hosted NBC's Emmy-winning game show called "Hollywood Game Night" as well as "Weakest Link." In fall 2019, Lynch hosted an episode of the revamped "Inside the Actors Studio" on Ovation and interviewed David Oyelowo.

She's done plenty of voice work, including roles in "UglyDolls," The Stinky & Dirty Show," "The Simpsons," and "Ralph Breaks the Internet." More recently, you may have recognized her voice on "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder" and "Velma."

Lynch also participates in concerts with Kate Flannery (Meredith from "The Office"). In addition, the 62-year-old actor released a holiday album in 2016 called "Swingin' Little Christmas."

Since season one of "Criminal Minds," Lynch has recurred as the character Diana Reid. She's also appeared on seasons one and two of Hulu's "Only Murders in the Building" as Sazz Pataki.

Lynch guest-starred as a comedian named Sophie Lennon on "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," too. For the role, she won a Primetime Emmy in 2019 and took home a SAG Award in 2020 after winning the award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series.

Most recently, Lynch reprised her role as Constance Carmell for the revival of "Party Down."

Cory Monteith became a breakout actor for his role as Finn Hudson, a high school football star with a passion for singing.

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He sometimes gave into peer pressure and felt judged for joining New Directions. After the death of Monteith in 2013, his character was killed off. They didn't reveal that cause of Finn's death and instead focused on his life and impact.

McKinley's auditorium was renamed the "Finn Hudson Auditorium" in honor of him.

Monteith died of an overdose in July 2013 at 31 years old.

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Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP

He was found dead in his Vancouver, Canada, hotel room. Later reports stated that alcohol and heroin were found in his system.

In 2011, Monteith spoke about his history of drug abuse during an interview with Parade. He said that at 13 years old, he began drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. Six years later, he went to rehab.

In March 2013, Monteith admitted himself into a treatment facility for his substance abuse. The following month, he had completed rehab and was photographed in public with Lea Michele.

Monteith's "Glee" costars have since honored the late actor on the anniversary of his death and on his birthday (May 11).

In May 2019, Morrison posted a heartfelt video on Instagram and said that he ran out of photos to post of Monteith on his birthday. Instead, Morrison and his wife paid tribute by putting together a puzzle of Monteith's hometown.

"I love keeping his memory alive, and his bright light shining," Morrison captioned the video. "He inspired so many, including myself. I hope you all embrace the ones you love extra tight this weekend (especially your Moms!), and take some thoughtful moments to remember loved ones passed."

Lea Michele played Rachel Berry, an ambitious student who had her sights set on becoming famous someday.

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By the show's end, she successfully became a star and Tony winner.

Rachel also had an on-again, off-again relationship with Finn and later married Jesse St. James (played by Michele's real-life best friend Jonathan Groff).

Michele starred as Fanny Brice in a Broadway revival of "Funny Girl."

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Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Michele took over the role from Beanie Feldstein in September 2022, receiving six ovations during her first night. The revival extended its run and will close in September 2023.

Broadway success aside, Michele has released three studio albums to date.

Her debut album, "Louder," was released in 2014 and included a song dedicated to Monteith called "If You Say So." The couple reportedly started dating in 2012 until his death in July 2013.

"Listening to it, it's therapeutic and difficult," Michele told Billboard of the emotional track. "It will always represent the most devastating thing that's ever happened to me in my whole life."

Michele's sophomore album, "Places," was released in 2017 and she dropped a holiday album called "Christmas in the City" in 2019.

Michele also remains good friends with "Glee" costar Darren Criss, and the two embarked on a joint tour in 2018 called the LM/DC Tour.

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In addition to music, Michele also released two books, New York Times Bestseller "Brunette Ambition" (released in 2014) and "You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life" (which came out in 2015).

On the acting front, the 36-year-old actor starred as antagonist Hester Ulrich on "Scream Queens," which was created by Ryan Murphy. She also played a political advisor named Valentina Barella on the short-lived ABC comedy series called "The Mayor."

Michele was accused of hypocrisy by "Glee" actress Samantha Marie Ware after tweeting a message in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Ware said that Michele made her "first television gig a living hell." Ware also said that she was the recipient of "traumatic microaggressions" from the "Glee" star.

Micheleposted an apology and said she has "never judged others by their background or color of their skin."

In March 2019, Michele married Zandy Reich, who's the president of the clothing brandAYR. The actress met Reich at her best friend's wedding and they went public with their relationship in July 2017.

Michele and Reich welcomed a son together named Ever Leo in mid-August 2020.

Chris Colfer portrayed Kurt Hummel, one of the school's most fashionable and talented students who was able to hit high notes.

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After graduating high school, he attended the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA) with Rachel.

Colfer is now the author of a best-selling book series called "The Land of Stories."

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JC Olivera/WireImage

The Golden Globe winner released six books as part of the series. In March 2019, Colfer revealed a new book series called "A Tale of Magic." The second book in the series will be released in October 2020.

Colfer has also appeared on "Hot in Cleveland," "Julie's Greenroom," and "Chopped Junior" (on which he served as one of the judges).

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WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The cast of 'Glee'? ›

Michele then got a sizeable raise, "where she was one of the top earners, climbing to the top of the payroll, earning $80,000 an episode," which put her on the same level as her more seasoned co-stars Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch.

Who got paid the most in Glee? ›

Michele then got a sizeable raise, "where she was one of the top earners, climbing to the top of the payroll, earning $80,000 an episode," which put her on the same level as her more seasoned co-stars Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch.

Are Lea Michele and Darren Criss still friends? ›

Former Glee stars and longtime friends Lea Michele and Darren Criss have reunited once again for a special Christmas edition of Apple TV+'s Carpool Karaoke: The Series. The two take a scenic drive through New York City as they belt out some of their favorite Christmas songs in a clip for the show's holiday special.

How old was Finn when he died? ›

A decade after his death shocked “Glee” fans, Cory Monteith is still being mourned. The Canadian actor, who portrayed student athlete turned Glee club member Finn Hudson on the Fox series, was found dead from an overdose in a Vancouver, British Columbia, hotel room on July 13, 2013. He was 31 years old.

What happened to Quinn on Glee? ›

Quinn subsequently receives a college acceptance letter from Yale, and while driving to Finn and Rachel's wedding, her car is struck by a truck and she suffers a spinal injury that requires her to use a wheelchair for many weeks. She is eventually able to walk again.

What is the most watched Glee episode? ›

Ratings. In the US, "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" was watched by 26.8 million viewers, and received a rating/share of 11.1/29 Nielsen rating/share in the 18–49 demographic, marking the highest rating for a Glee episode. This also made the episode the highest-rated scripted broadcast of a TV series in three years.

Why is Lea Michele not eligible for a Tony? ›

Because Michele did not take over for Feldstein until some five months after Funny Girl opened, they did not request such an exception. (This may also be partly due to the fact that producers drew ire for the way they reportedly handled Feldstein's lackluster critical reception and her subsequent exit).

What is Blaine from Glee doing now? ›

Darren Criss

Blaine was the lead vocalist of the Dalton Academy Warblers. After leaving Glee, he shot to international and critical acclaim when he portrayed serial killer Andrew Cunanan in the second season of American Crime Story. For his performance, he won a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award.

Who did Lea Michele date after Cory? ›

Matthew Paetz

A year after Cory's death, Lea met Matthew on the set of her “On My Way” music video.

How did the cast of Glee take Cory's death? ›

Michele is not the only one of Monteith's former co-stars who has mourned him since his death. Ahead of Glee's final season, actor Morrison told Hollywood Life: "The passing of Cory was a hard thing on all of us, but I think it's really brought us all closer. I will look back on this time as very fond memory."

How did they write Cory out of Glee? ›

His tragic death was written into the show, with Finn also passing away. (No cause of death was ever given for Finn.) Cory's final appearance as Finn was in the 2013 episode 'Sweet Dreams', and the season 4 episode, 'The Quarterback', paid tribute to both the actor and the character.

Did Finn ever have a kid? ›

Finn dances with Quilton's daughter, Roselinen. However, no one knows how to get him home. Years later, Finn and Roselinen have married and had two children, Bonnie and Jay. Quilton tells them that an ancient book has been discovered revealing that the door to Finn's world appears periodically.

Who does puck marry in Glee? ›

His best friend is Finn Hudson, who happens to be the brother of his wife, Marley. Previously, he was in a relationship with Quinn during the course of Season Two before they broke up due to Quinn's erratic behavior. Puck dated Marley from Season Three, and the two of them got married in Season Four.

How long after Cory's death was the quarterback filmed? ›

Monteith played Finn Hudson on the popular Fox series from its premiere in May 2009 until his sudden death from a drug overdose at age 31 on July 13, 2013. Only one month after Monteith's passing, the show filmed a tribute episode titled "The Quarterback".

Why was Quinn not at Brittany and Santana's wedding? ›

The most logical answer was that Dianna Agron was unavailable for the shooting of this episode.

What was the most expensive episode of Glee? ›

Filming for the episode took place in several locations in New York City, including Sardi's. This was the most expensive Glee episode yet, at a reported $6 million. The budget exceeded the previous record-holder, "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle", which was the episode that followed the 2011 Super Bowl.

How much did Amber Riley make for Glee? ›

While the Cannonball singer would make an estimated $1.6 million per season on Glee, the likes of Amber Riley and Chris Colfer were earning almost half of that amount, with each episode earning them roughly $45,000 each - which is quite a contrast considering how popular all of the show's cast members had become over ...

Does Glee cast get royalties? ›

Glee's stars are reportedly unhappy with the royalties that Sony Music, the label that releases the show's chart-topping soundtracks, is paying the cast.

How much did each Glee episode cost? ›

Each episode costs at least $3 million to produce, and can take up to ten days to film as a result of the elaborate choreography.


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