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Manufacturing downtime is any period of time during which facility output is stopped. Manufacturing downtime includes planned downtimefor scheduled asset maintenance, as well as unplanned downtimedue to equipment failure and other events. It may also include stoppages due to supply or labor shortages.

Manufacturing downtime entails an inherent reduction in profits. In the near term, limited or even stopped production means no revenue is being generated. In addition, relationships and contracts with other companies can become strained during manufacturing downtime, as the flow of input and output is disrupted. Studies show that workplace accidents increase 12-fold during production startups and shutdowns, further highlighting the need to avoid manufacturing downtime.

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Scheduled asset maintenance

Asset maintenance can be proactively scheduled by plant operators to help reduce the disruption caused by equipment failures. Maintenance schedules may be determined according to calendar date, asset usage or equipment manufacturer guidelines.

Planned downtime does not eliminate manufacturing downtime entirely, but plant operators can anticipate disruptions due to asset maintenance, as well as manage contractor and client expectations. Planned downtime can be more effectively and intelligently scheduled using machine learning predictive maintenancemodels to reduce downtime.

Creating and implementing asset maintenance strategies in order to fit a company’s risk profile is known as asset maintenance engineering.

Emergency service and maintenance

The most prudent plant maintenanceregimen still cannot prevent environmental or input variability or human error. When assets are forced outside of their normal performance to the point of failure, the result is unplanned downtime, which is typically the most expensive type of manufacturing downtime.

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Unplanned downtime occurs without consideration of the expectations of supplier or buyers, the schedules of plant personnel, or conditions of the market. Opportunities like cheap commodity prices or increased demand for production can be missed when a plant is forced to shut down manufacturing for asset maintenance.

Expenses, losses, and safety costs

All manufacturing downtime reduces overall output by stopping production. Unplanned downtimecan cost 15 times more than planned downtime. The loss of revenue during any type of asset maintenancecan be as high as $3 million per incident.

In addition to loss of revenue and employment costs, the risk of workplace accidents increases significantly during manufacturing downtime. Although only 5% of operation time is devoted to stopping and starting equipment, these situations account for 40% or workplace safety incidents.

Limit and reduce downtime

The development of predictive maintenance, enabled by machine learning, has provided plant operators with a powerful tool to minimize manufacturing downtime. A predictive model of service requirements can be built by intelligently analyzing and comparing current and recorded sensor data with records of past asset maintenancerequirements. The machine learning model can help plant operators schedule and anticipate maintenance needs, which helps avoid costly unplanned downtimeby alerting operators to developing equipment failures.

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Manufacturing downtime can be further reduced by providing plant operators the information they need to efficiently schedule simultaneous asset maintenance. This provides the opportunity to fold multiple planned downtimeincidents into one period of manufacturing downtime, which helps to reduce downtimeoverall.


What is the main cause of downtime in manufacturing?
The vast majority of manufacturing downtime is caused by process or equipment failures. These emergent causes of unplanned downtimeaccount for 80% of manufacturing downtime.

How does downtime affect production?
The average facility experiences 5%-20% reduction in productivity per year due to manufacturing downtime. Safety concerns increase significantly during manufacturing downtime, as personnel are confronted with unfamiliar operation environments.

What is equipment downtime?
Equipment downtime is when a piece of machinery or equipment is offline, whether due to equipment failure or servicing requirements such as replacement or maintenance.

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How can you avoid equipment downtime?
A certain amount of downtime cannot be avoided; even a component as simple as a pipe will eventually wear or corrode and need to be replaced. The amount of downtime for any machine can be reduced using predictive maintenancesoftware to intelligently predict and anticipate asset maintenance. Regularly servicing machinery and equipment when needed helps reduce downtime.

How much does an hour of downtime cost?
Averaging across all businesses, every hour of manufacturing downtime costs $260,000. However, this number just reflects loss of productivity. Liability costs due to workplace injuries associated with asset maintenance means that the true figure is likely higher.

How can the internet of things (IoT) reduce machine downtime in manufacturing?
IoT allows a plant or facility’s sensors to be intelligently connected, to either remote or local asset management software. IoT reduces the costs associated with sensing suite integration, allowing plant operators to remain apprised of the entire facility from a central location. In addition, the data provided by IoT sensors can be used to train machine learning models of predictive maintenance, allowing facilities or plants to reduce downtimecaused by unnecessary maintenance.


What is acceptable downtime in manufacturing? ›

Research shows that the average manufacturer deals with 800 hours of downtime per year – or more than 15 hours per week – and the costs can be outrageous. Just for perspective, consider that the average automotive manufacturer loses $22,000 per minute of downtime.

What are examples of downtime in manufacturing? ›

Manufacturing downtime includes planned downtime for scheduled asset maintenance, as well as unplanned downtime due to equipment failure and other events. It may also include stoppages due to supply or labor shortages.

How do you handle downtime in production? ›

7 Smart Ways to Reduce Downtime in the Plant
  1. Identify and prioritize critical processes.
  2. Monitor OEE and other key production measurements.
  3. Collect data and visualize the solution.
  4. Implement a total productive maintenance program that engages all employees.
  5. Make smart decisions for upgrading equipment.
Feb 21, 2022

What is the acceptable downtime for a machine? ›

World Class Standards For Downtime

Aim for unscheduled downtime to be 10% or less.

What is maximum tolerable downtime value? ›

Definition(s): The amount of time mission/business process can be disrupted without causing significant harm to the organization's mission.

Can reduce machine downtime by 30 %- 50? ›

Predictive maintenance can reduce machine downtime by 30%-50%, and increase machine life by 20%-40% The global predictive maintenance market will grow to $23.5 billion by 2024. According to the research by Forrester, 47% of global manufacturers use predictive maintenance technologies to reduce operational costs.

What are the three types of downtime? ›

Common categories of downtime include excessive tool changeover, excessive job changeover, lack of operator, and unplanned machine maintenance.

How do you measure downtime in manufacturing? ›

1. Divide your total revenue by the planned operating time to get your daily revenue. 2. Assess by how much your daily revenue goes down if the chosen piece of equipment stops working for 1 hour.

How do you explain downtime? ›

Downtime is a computer industry term for the time during which a computer or IT system is unavailable, offline or not operational.

How can I improve my downtime at work? ›

Here is a list of eight ideas for what you can do with downtime at work:
  1. Offer to help a colleague or manager. ...
  2. Organize and clean your workspace. ...
  3. Go for a walk. ...
  4. Clean your email inbox. ...
  5. Read industry news. ...
  6. Compile a list of contacts. ...
  7. Record your voicemail greeting. ...
  8. Write a note of appreciation.
Jun 24, 2022

How do you use downtime wisely? ›

  1. Upgrade Nonwork-Related Skills. Work on developing or upgrading skills that aren't directly related to your job or business. ...
  2. Read Biographies. ...
  3. Join Activities Outside Your Network. ...
  4. Be A Curious Customer. ...
  5. Give Back To Your Community. ...
  6. Practice Mindfulness And Meditation. ...
  7. Improve Your Physical Health. ...
  8. Plan Out Your Week.
Nov 8, 2021

What is the main cause of downtime? ›

This can be due to several reasons including hardware or software failure, human error, malicious attacks or natural disasters. Since unplanned downtime is unexpected and occurs without a warning, preventing it can be a challenge.

What is maximum tolerable downtime example? ›

The time available to recover disrupted systems and resources (systems recovery time). It is typically one segment of the MTD. For example, if a critical business process has a 3-day MTD, the RTO might be 1 day (Day l). This is the time you will have to get systems up and running.

How can you reduce downtime? ›

6 Strategies to Minimize Unplanned Downtime
  1. Plan for Recovery. The best way to ensure a fast recovery is to plan ahead. ...
  2. Keep Everything Up to Date. ...
  3. Educate Your Workforce. ...
  4. Install a Backup Power System. ...
  5. Test Your Infrastructure. ...
  6. Consider Disaster Recovery as a Service.
Oct 7, 2021

How would you limit downtime? ›

How to Reduce Downtime
  1. Track Downtime. Before jumping into the steps of reducing downtime, it is critical to track it. ...
  2. Monitor Production. Having a system to monitor production can also help reduce downtime. ...
  3. Create a Preventative Maintenance Schedule. ...
  4. Provide Operator Decision Support. ...
  5. Perform DMAIC Analysis.

How much downtime is 99.99 availability? ›

52.60 minutes

What is downtime in KPI? ›

Downtime is defined as any period in which a system or piece of equipment is unavailable, and it's one of the main KPIs used to evaluate the performance of a line. It can be planned, as in the case of scheduled maintenance, or unplanned, due to an unforeseen event that requires some type of intervention.

What is the acceptable total downtime in a year as per the SLA? ›

An SLA level of 99.99% for example equates to 52 minutes and 36 seconds of downtime per year.
SLA Uptime Calculator.
Daily9 seconds
Weekly1 minute
Monthly4 minutes and 23 seconds
Yearly52 minutes and 36 seconds

How do you measure machine downtime? ›

The first way to measure your equipment downtime is in actual time. For a given asset (or set of assets), record the amount of time during each month that the asset is broken down. Keeping a running tally and comparing it to past months will help you know when an asset is having more issues than normal.

How does downtime increase productivity? ›

"Downtime replenishes the brain's stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life."

What is downtime in Lean Six Sigma? ›

What Is Downtime In Lean Production? DOWNTIME stands for Defect, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-Utilized Talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, and Extra Processing. D – Defects – Effort required as a result of rework, scrap, and incorrect information or data.

What is downtime formula? ›

To get a quick estimate of your company's probable downtime costs, use the following formula, based on the size of your business and the number of minutes your most recent incident lasted: Downtime cost = minutes of downtime x cost-per-minute.

What is the minimum down time? ›

Minimum Down Time means the amount of time that a Unit must stay off-line after a Shut-Down prior to the next Start-Up, as specified in Appendix II (Operational Limitations).

What are downtime metrics? ›

The most well-known downtime metric is Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). The MTTR metric reflects the average time it takes to troubleshoot and repair a failed piece of equipment.

What is average downtime? ›

Average downtime is usually built into the price of goods produced to recover its costs through the sales revenue. Opposite of "uptime." Also called "waiting time."

What is an example sentence for downtime? ›

After a busy day at work, I look forward to some downtime at home. The kids napped during their downtime. We need to minimize network downtime.

What is a downtime plan? ›

Planned downtime is scheduled time when production equipment is limited or shut down to allow for planned maintenance, repairs, upgrades or testing.

What is downtime for 99.7 SLA? ›

SLA level of 99.7 % uptime/availability results in the following periods of allowed downtime/unavailability: Daily: 4m 19s. Weekly: 30m 14s. Monthly: 2h 10m 24s.

What is downtime tolerance? ›

A business with good downtime tolerance is one that not only has a good disaster recovery plan in place, but also integrates high data protection. Together, both methods can be essential for your data protection. There are different deployment options to integrate these solutions to your business.

What is downtime for 99.95% SLA? ›

Percentage calculation
Availability %Downtime per yearDowntime per day (24 hours)
99.9% ("three nines")8.77 hours1.44 minutes
99.95% ("three and a half nines")4.38 hours43.20 seconds
99.99% ("four nines")52.60 minutes8.64 seconds
99.995% ("four and a half nines")26.30 minutes4.32 seconds
12 more rows

How long is 99.999% SLA downtime? ›

A 99.999% uptime SLA means that you should expect less than six minutes of downtime over the course of a year—and, if we should fail to deliver, we'll compensate you for it.

What does 99.99% availability mean? ›

Three-nines availability -- 99.9% -- allows 8 hours and 46 minutes of downtime per year. The percentage of network availability translates literally into quantifiable hours, minutes and seconds of allowable network services downtime.


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